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Heh, Gordon here. Why do people write PONCY LITTLE PROFILES anyway? They just go to show how WHINY and DESPERATE people are to show that they're SPECIAL and WORTH MY ATTENTION. Why can't people like that just PISS OFF and get OFF the FUCKING INTERNET.

[Not a real journal - sockpuppet for the War Comms. No offence meant.]

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anime, anti-angst, anti-cosplay, anti-emo, anti-fangirls, anti-feminity, badasses, bang bang bang, bara, beer, being a bastard, being a cunt, being a dickhead, being a douchebag, being a manly gay, being angry, being macho, being nasty, belching, block caps, body hair, body odour, broken keyboards, cars, cassie is a bitch, chauvanism, cigars, college is for pussies, deoderant is for pussies, drinking, emo kids should die, esmeralda is a pussy, exploding heads, factories, fighting with maxie, fighting with missy, fuck off, get over it, getting attacked by fish, getting hit with bookshelves, getting hit with dildos, gore, hardcore, heavy metal, homosexual, italics are for pansies, joe is a ponce, julia is a bitch, making esmeralda cry, making lucy cry, manga, manly men, manly muscles, manly stubble, masculine pride, maxie is a skank, misogyny, missy is a cunt, molly can fuck off, my factory job, my penis, my sister's pathetic, newbies suck, not fucking patrick, not getting pwned, not higher education, not rabbits, picking fights, refuging in audacity, shaving is for pussies, shouting, shut the fuck up, smoking, sue should shut up, swearing, syrius should kill himself, threatening people, tough attitudes, trisha is a whore, trucks, ultraviolence, video games, villains, you're all pussies
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